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This is a world page, it is about user generated content and may not be fully accurate.


Pokemon Water & Ice is a world which is played a bit. It has a milestone of 58,000 Blocks and 350 U. Visits. It has profiles, fan-made Pokemon and quests. The owner is XENIXXeno. Sooner or later, the game will be completed. It still is in W.I.P and hasn't got too much content, but, it has a lot of staff. It has been renamed to Pokemon Water, Ice & Flow. It has been griefed on 11th April 2020 or 12th April 2020. The Culprit hasn't been found yet. There are currently 13 gyms, over 1 thousand pokemon and a ton of blocks. It still isn't finished.


  • In the game, there are 91 Starters (Including Canon and Fan made), resulting in 273 Pokemon Starters (All forms).
  • There are many pokemon. Post-game, there probably will be more than 1400 Pokemon. It Includes all canon pokemon, including the starters, mascot and Eevee. There even is all the Alolan and Galarian Pokemon.
  • There will be a complete soundtrack.
  • There will be more than 8 Gyms by the end of the game.
  • Instead of the Elite 4, there will be the Elite 6.
  • The champion is the owner.
  • There are more than all the Canon types.
  • Behind the Owner's Profile, There is a House where the Owner lives with lil_frisk1 a.k.a: Aussie. (She is lesbian and Aussie is her girlfriend.)
  • The gym Leaders without order will not have higher levels.
  • Normally, the max level will be Level 250. Staff will be upgraded to 5000. With a No-Limit Card, you can reach up to 100,000. Max for the owner is 1,000,000.


Sans Role-player

Tries to be Sans. If you go on No! Scammer! button, You won't gain anything. Go on the are you trying to be sans button will make him give you 1 Hotdog. He will give you 30+ Cash for saying yes.


Will give you a canon starter (Pikachu) if you give him a hotdog.

Noob in house

Will give you a Z-Crystal for a Photo (She hides it under the bed to the right of her)

The girl who lost her Bluesteel Cat

Gives you 300+ Cash for finding her cat.

Noob in Route 1

Battling a random dood. About to lose.

Random dood

Battling a Noob in Route 1. Winning so far.

Actual Sans

Just there to be a meme.

Aussie (NPC)


Gym Leaders

Gym Leader Emily

1st Gym Leader. Has Seadra and Psyduck.

Gym Leader Blueberry Sans?

He got some Shroom and Plant. A Gym Leader without Order.

Gym Leader Icicle

2nd Gym Leader. Has Snover, Snowshell and Shice.

Gym Leader Clout

3rd Gym Leader. Has Vulturenite, Roc Bird and Elder Vulturenite.

Gym Leader Andrew

Gym Leader without order. Has an Elder Vulturenite, Toxic Pikachu, Scaredy Plant and Toxic Draco

Gym Leader Snow

4th Gym Leader. Has Glacieron, Freeze & Frost, Darkshell.

Gym Leader Mike

5th Gym Leader. Has War Machine, Darksteel Ball, Trophy, Mega Aggron and Aegislash

Wild Pokemon

Route 1

Route 1-Grassy

Grasser, Wood Golem, Vulturenite, Moon Wood Golem (Night), Moon Grasser (Night). (Spiky Grasser [Hidden 0.01%])

Route 1-Frozen

Snowshell, Snow Clam, Darkshell (Night), Snow Slug.

Route 1-Sandy

Sand Monster, Sandstone Monster, Sand Slug, Night Sand Monster (Night).

Route 1-Volcano

Magma Monster, Diamond Monster, Lava Monster, Volcano (Legendary 1%).

Route 1-Dream

Pinky, Neo Pink, Pinky Bush (Rare 10%), Rose Pikachu (Mythic 0.5%).

Route 1-Cave Entrance

Stony, Cobble, Irony, Batty, Mystic Diamond (Epic 5%), Diamond (Legendary 1%).

Route 1-Bonus

Mushroom Cap, Mushy (3 Badges+), Scaredy Plant, Plant Dragon of Poison (3 Badges+).

Route 2

Route 2-Grassy

Slimy, Armored Slimy, Elder Grasser, Roc Bird, Grasser Soldier.

Route 2-Autumn Grassy

Autumn Grasser, Elder Vulturenite, Speedy Grasser, Dark Autumn Grasser (Night).

Route 2-Bonus

Toxic Grasser, DarkRune (Legendary 1%) (Night).

Route 3

Route 3-Ice

Snow Bear, Ice Golem (Legendary 1%).

Route 3-Bridge Fishing

Feesh, Sharky

Route 3-Dying Grassy

Veteran Grasser, Grasser Bear.

Route 3-Bonus

Sandy Cactuser, Sandy Bear.

Route 4

Route 4-Forest

Treela, Bricky (Very Rare 5%), Tree Guardian (Legendary 1%).

Route 4-Bonus

Dat Boi, Uganda Sonic (Epic 12%), Kirby (Uber Rare 2.5%), Metal Alien Dancing (Legendary 1.5%), Uganda Brothers (Legendary 1%), Baby Yoda (Mythic 0.25%)

High Resolution Route 1

Grasser, Wood Golem, Wildflower, Grizz, Dirty, Landfill, Clout Bird, Landfill Bear (Hidden in a Fake wall).

Mineshaft of Darkness

Rocky, Shamrock, Roc Bird, Corrupt Gem Bear (Hidden inside Weak Wall where you need bomb to get)

High Resolution Route 2

Slackbug, Whackbug, Slimy, Elder Grasser, Busher.

The Over Universe

Route 1

Splash, Mossa, Dirtious, Volta, Inferno Ball, Frost, Brainy, Jojo (Jotaro), All the Starters. (Apart from Over Universe Starters)

Evil Team(s)

Team DIO

  • A time stopper. Just tries to be a ###### to everybody, Actually Evil.
  • Strong Pokemon, But has no strategy. (Has a team in leaderboard)

Dark Crusaders

  • Evil, And has a hidden Headquarters. ##### with everybody.
  • Weaker Pokemon, Has amazing strategy. (Has a team in leaderboard)

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

  • Much worse than the other two. They hide their true nature from everybody.
  • Strong Pokemon and Amazing Strats. (Has a team in leaderboard)


  • Super Mario Rpg Forest by Nintendo (Route 1-Grassy)
  • The Tale of a Cruel World (Story)
  • Pokemon Brick Bronze Cave (Route 1-Cave and Mineshaft of Darkness)
  • Pokemon Brick Bronze Desert (Route 1-Desert)
  • The Battle Cats ITF (Route 1-Bonus)
  • Pokemon Brick Bronze Route (All High Reso Routes)
  • 4 Variations of Megalovania Mixed [Owner Battle (Hard)]
  • Red Battle in Pokemon (Staff Battle {Hard})
  • Pokemon Sword and Shield Gym Battle (Gym Battle)
  • Occult a La Carte (Battle with toxicthecar)
  • The World Revolving Come on and slam Remix (ProGamer Battle)
  • Pokemon Brick Bronze Team Eclipse Grunt Battle (Grunt Battle Music)
  • Giorno's Theme (gugunpa Battle)


The owner of Pokemon Balance has joined the world before and has formatted this page. He said it was a "trash game". Then XENIXXeno joined him Pokemon Balance and played a demo of it. The Ex-co-owner of Pokemon Balance came with his friend, Jack. CaracalBoi called it bad, though it really kind of is. Jack_Split called it "kinda alright". Then Nova came. Not much more happened.


XENIXXeno (Owner)

  • She works for Verde Cafe.
  • She plays Restoration of Sxmoke.
  • She likes Loomian Legacy.
  • The Champion.

aussiejpeg (Co-Owner Aussie)

  • Hates the owner
  • Has done a No talking for 1 day challenge.
  • Final Elite 6 Member.
  • She has been grounded from Blockate before, for a few weeks.

Babybelles1 (Belle)

  • Likes Tazer. Nothing much.
  • 5th Elite 6 Member.
  • Oldest of the Trio.
  • Owner knows her too well.

xXDarkHealthyXx (Japan)

  • 3rd Elite 6 Member.
  • Spoilt :/
  • Youngest of the Trio


  • 4th Elite 6 Member.
  • Kind :3
  • In the middle of the Trio
  • Owner doesn't know much about her.


  • 1st Elite 6 Member.
  • Kinda Weird.
  • Owner of the Worst team ever, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

darkfirewolf58 and Blacknoob911991

  • 2nd Elite 6 Member (Double Down)
  • Black: [Amazing Builder]
  • Dark: [Just a Player]