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Alea is the first continent ever made. It is to the north. In relation to other continents, it is northwest of Endrei. Currently, there are 7 Countries on this continent. It's southern part is cut off from the rest of Alea by The Great Mountains, and is divded between Eisendrache and X'Landia.


Endrei is a sparsely populated continent that only has a single country on it's west coast. It is southeast of Alea and was meant to be colonized but never was because the block count for the world was too high for the owner to not crash.

Country Clash - Eisendrache Flag.png
The flag of Eisendrache

The Kingdom of Eisendrache

Eisendrache is a constitutional monarchy with a population of 390K and a manpower of 2500.


There's a lot of ocean.


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