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This is a world page, it is about user generated content and may not be fully accurate.


Just like any other building world, this world requires players to get permission from a high-rank, in this case being an admin and/or owner, to build. This world has over eleven thousand visits and was made back on the 22nd of March 2019. This world also features a Discord server, where the themes are announced as well.


This world features unique themes, where the subject of what the players build change around two days to a week. (i.e. the arctic, prehistoric, underwater, food, industrial, space etc.) Due to that, builds don't stay permanently and the world gets reset more often than other free build games. The admins of the game design a layout for that specific theme after the last one is reset, and then the game becomes public again.


The builders are free to build anywhere they want, unlike most other free build worlds where builders are given plots. There are specific rules set by admins to prevent problems in the world. This world also offers annual events with prizes such as blux or ranks in the Discord server. It is advised to join the server to take part in more events but anyone under 13 is strictly prohibited in the Discord server as it violates the terms of service.


  • Players can't build any kind of NSFW, discriminating, mocking and those sorts of builds anywhere on the world.
  • Players can't use bypassed decals, sounds and they can't use blocks to spell out stuff that might offend people.
  • Players are restricted from interfering with other people's builds.
  • Players can't make their builds too big or use resized decals that are too big. There isn't an exact size defined as the limit.
  • Players are encouraged to build according to the theme.
  • Players can't abuse their building powers to grief or vandalize the map.
  • Players can't change the background song or use sound blocks with big radiuses to do so.
  • Players should act within common sense on the world and anyone who abuses loopholes through the rules will also be punished.
  • Players must have an account which is a year or older, excluding alternative accounts of known builders or admins.