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This is a world page, it is about user generated content and may not be fully accurate.


Boss Battling Ultimate A.K.A BBU is a world created by louieriver.

Main Bosses

Chapter 1

Number Boss Name HP Reference Story
1 Dirty 3 N/A Welcome to the world of BBU. where all the bosses come around and destroy the world. And the 1st boss your going to fight is Dirty
2 Glacier 2 N/A Congrats for beating dirty. The portal was next to you. Your curiosity caused you to transported to, A ICE GOSH DARN CAVE. And Glacier is gonna greet you with a Ice Spike
3 Mary 3 N/A Its been 2 Bosses that you defeated, you went to a moss castle for your own trip, you talked to Mary and she does not believe your "Trip". You might have to battle her
4 Destroyed Robot 4 N/A After Beating your Moss Problem, U went into a lab, its full of Dead Scientists. And this robot is a cause
5 Rainbow 5 N/A After the malfunction, You Decided to go somewhere. But this Realm is your problem, Rainbow wants to defeat Intruders like Mary
6 Calamity 2 Orb Hunters 1 The Colours disappeared, a calamity mess is going after you
7 Gran-Glory 4 Orb Hunters 2 Aftermath of the Colours Vanishment, you decided to bring back the colours. (Green)
8 Sting Tongue 4 N/A Green Defeated, you fainted, you're just in a nightmare your tongue stings, but its just a defect, THIS IS A REAL LIFE DEFECT
9 Magma Fiend 1 N/A You woke up from your nightmare. Woke up in the Magma Field Magma Fiend is just Standing here
10 Normal Norman 3 Obby Calamity (Green) and (Red) Shards Caught, Norman is challenging you.
11 Shadow 2 N/A After Norman's Demise You went into the city, that has chaos, I suggest you to fight the shadows.
12 Necromancer 3 N/A After a Shadow Misery, a Deadly Myth starts to tackle up the attack
13 Duck (?) 5 N/A After the Myth's Case Solved, you decided to go to the park that has Duck(?). Its Charging. its gonna attack you.
14 Forsaken Hero 4 N/A After you overcome your fear of ducks, you went into Neverworld. Forsaken hero have been rejected for being a hero. He wants revenge
15 Susie 10 After raiding a Magical Meadow, You Accidently Went to the witch's House
16 Cyan 5 N/A After 1 Magical Warfare, you continued to look for colour shards
17 Never-sin 2 N/A 3 Shards Caught, why not Purple?
18 Grassy 1 N/A 4 Shards have been caught. 3 Left to restore the colours. I guess we need yellow next, Oh no! Grassy is interrupting your plans!
19 Golden 3 N/A Wow. That Boss is just Weak, he just picked the wrong guy. Anyways you went to the Golden Groove, but an Unexpected Event Happened
20 Dark Robot 4 N/A? 5 Colour Shards, and the Other 2 shards are in the city, you decided to go here, and there is a mysterious Figure
21 Thanos 6 Avengers: Infinity War After the battle with the mysterious figure, it ran away, and That guy has 6 Infinity Stones
22 Black Magic 1 N/A I Guess Endgame is over, Oops! Thanos is been defeated. But you Felt like that you are cursed, A BLACK MAGIC IS GOING TO ATTACK YOU, GET THE CURE BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!
23 Despacito 2 Roblox After a cure for the black magic, you hear a song in a distance, OH GOD IS THAT A DESPACITO SPIDER?
24 Ghost 4 N/A Since you defeated a Despacito spider, a ghost is ready to haunt you
25 Creeper 10 Minecraft After you Fought A Ghost, you don't know where you are. But this creeper is ready to kill you (Aww Man)
26 Tiffany 5 Flamingo Finally. No more creepers, just a normal day. EXEPCT TIFFANY HUNTING YOU FOR NO GOSH DARN REASON
27 Alpha 2 N/A After you defeat the killer, Justice is been served. There is a Weird Tower in sight, you went in, and You are in the 1st floor of The Omega Tower, Alpha is Omega's Brother. you might have to defeat him to get to the top.
28 Omega 5 N/A After the Release of Beta Version. you went to the last floor of Omega's tower, Welcome to the rooftop i guess. Omega is ready to attack
29 Lava Blob 3 N/A After the extreme battle of Omega, you saw the ground, its covered with lava, it flow fast. A Lava Blob is ready to Scorch!
30 Fire Mage 3 N/A After the fire Blob Exploded. you fell into the firey cloud that does not burn you on stand. Fire mage is So Angry that he attacked you.
31 Magma Fiend 2 2 N/A After the fiery battle with Fire mage. You flew to The Magma Cliff. Magma Fiend is Ready for revenge with Flare's Body
32 Astrid 5 N/A After the Scorching Battle. you flew off to space for no reason, you encountered the Asteroid Maker, Astrid
33 Dr. Danner 5 Kindergarten 2 After a Battle. There was a Crossover Portal, and a portal has transferred you to a lab. Dr. Danner is ready to attack
34 That mean Girl 1 Deltarune Dr. Danner's Smarts ran out. Another crossover Portal Appeared, and welcome to the weird purple place. A Weird Dinosaur Humanoid went outside of the castle. THE BATTLE BEGINS
35 Weird White Alien 3 Wario-Ware After the Rude Buster Attack. Welcome to space again. But this time, A Weird White Alien Came.
36 Lightsaber Expert 5 Star Wars Gosh. There are so many Crossover Bosses. i hope this Chain Ends Soon.
37 Space Rose 2 Super Mario Galaxy Finally! No more lightsabers!, but a lady with a star fights for her parents.
38 T-pose Zombie 5 N/A No more stars! and then the portal appeared behind you. it pulled you into a Convention. There is a T-Pose Zombie about to attack you.
39 Wahhh 7 N/A After defeating the T-Pose zombie. That menace caused the outbreak Appeared. Time to fight him and give him some justice
40 Nuke 8 N/A Finnaly. The Chain of Crossover Ended. And Welcome to Earth. with Chaos, 2 Chaos Brothers is Named Nuke and Rad. Fight Nuke First. and then Rad.
41 Rad 9
42 A Controlled Pearl 6 Steven Universe After you defeated 2 Disaster Brothers. There is an another crossover portal, and you are welcome to the Homeworld. Hope you are ready!
43 Mono Danganronpa After you Defeated White Pearl. The portal appeared behind you, and you got absorbed to the portal. And welcome to the Tragedy.
53 Annoying Dog
54 Battle Cat 50 Battle Cats
56 Crossover 40 N/A

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 is a Chapter That has Allies, Damage Upgrades etc.

Number Boss Name HP Reference Story
57 Sunstone 3 N/A And That's It! The crossover ended! Welcome back to the world! and this time, Sunstone appears....... Oh btw, welcome to chapter 2
58 Jevil 5 Deltarune After Winter, you played Deltarune at home, and Jevil came to life
59 The Orb 7 Orb Hunters After Bringing Jevil back to your game, Black magic sent in the Mysterious Orb
60 Treacherous 10 Orb Hunters
61 After you defeated Treacherous and his minions. The whole base starts to feel glitchy....  Treacherous disappeared, and then the corrupted owner is ready to fight. Just get ready
62 Evil Puffle Club Penguin
63 Metallic Living Cannon N/A
64 A Sphere N/A
65 Violence N/A
66 Pennywise IT
67 Deaf Monster N/A
68 Curiousity N/A
69 Kyle N/A
70 Negativity N/A
71 Electro N/A
72 Untitled Goose Untitled Goose Game
73 Giant N/A
74 Watermelon Steven Steven Universe
75 Octo N/A?
76 Four Battle For B.F.D.I

Shop Bosses

Number Boss HP Reference
1 Mafia Boss 10 A Hat in Time
2 Flare 3 Orb Hunters 3
3 Galeem ?? SSBU

Hard Counterparts

Hard is a Difficulty with no damage boosters.

Number Boss Name HP
1 Dirtious 3
2 King Colden 3
3 Moss Golem Mary 4
4 Death-bot 4
5 Painbow 7
6 Chaos 3
7 Granite Monster 2

Insane Bosses

Insane Bosses are the Bosses that only have 1 HP, but they are Incredibly Insane

Number Boss Reference Title
1 Shock Orb Hunters 3 Ultimate Shocker
2 Splash N/A Ultimate "Tantrum" Maker
3 Burn N/A Ultimate Pyro
4 Sandy Orb Hunters 1 Ultimate Cactus Botanist
5 Windy N/A Ultimate Pilot
6 Meanie N/A Ultimate Bad Boy
7 Sherrif N/A Ultimate Sharpshooter

Shop Bosses

Number Boss Reference Title
1 Bacon Hair Roblox Ultimate Trickster
2 Rich Dude N/A Ultimate Billionare
3 You (Demon Form) Undertale Ultimate You?
4 Flandre Touhou Ultimate Vampire


Badges are the mechanic in BBU

Chapter 1 Badges

Badge Name How To Get Difficulty
Journey's Start Join The Game Easy
5 Times a Charm! Beat 5 Bosses Easy
Odd To Even Beat Flare and Magma Fiend 2 Normal
Disobedience Call Eggz "Eggs" Easy
Disobedience (Again) Call Bug Boi "Bug Boy" Easy
Insane Beginner Beat Dirtious Normal
Insane Amatuer Defeat 3 Insane Bosses Normal
Insane God Defeat 10 Insane Bosses Hard
Star Collector Defeat all Current Insane Bosses Expert
What are you? Nurse Joy? See the owner 10 times Easy
Rift Success Defeat the Rift Boss Hard
The Unlikely Visit Join the server with Deselt2 Normal
Hardcore Expert Beat 1 Expert Boss Hard
A Gate to Hard Beat Astrid Normal
Shop Craziness Buy Everything in the Shop Extreme
A Likely Visit Join a server with deselttest Easy
Colour Restoration on Universes Restore the Colors in Normal and Hard Expert
Merciless Defeat Eggz When you Call him "Eggs" Merciless

Chapter 2 Badges

Badge Name How To Get Difficulty
Starter (Fire Buster) Defeat Sunstone Simple
Fine Beginnings (Difficulty Crazed) Defeat 3 Bosses Simple
Bugging The Bug Get Bug Boi as an Ally! Simple
Where does it lead to? Find 5 Pieces Intermediate
Dead Fall off the map. Simple
After The Corruption Get Fewks as an Ally! Intermediate
Chapter 2 Player Beat PennyWise Tricky
*9;34 ??? Extreme
I Give UP! Touch The Fire Slime Simple
End Of The Screech Beat Four Unknown
Murdering the Murder Beat Assassin Bear Expert



  • Violence's Name is a pun of a Rainbow Color. Violet
  • Eggz is the Boss that has 2 Forms. Normal and Merciless
  • Assassin Bear's Badge name Should've been "melancholy damp" But it got scrapped for some reason.
  • Corrupted Crossover is the first collab boss in the BBU Universe