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This is a world page, it is about user generated content and may not be fully accurate.


Beekeeper Simulator is a game made by Tyrkys258. It's a Bee Swarm Simulator ripoff. This game is currently under construction, but you can still play it. The game will only work when a staff member is playing.

List of Bees

This is list of currently known bees in Beekeeper Simulator (May be outdated):

  • Basic Bee
  • Builder Bee
  • Joyful Bee
  • Shocked Bee
  • Honey Bee
  • Frozen Bee
  • Silent Bee

List of NPCs

This is list of all NPCs in Beekeeper Simulator (May be outdated):

  • Honey Bee
  • Frozen Bee
  • Cheese Bee (Removed)

List of Promo Codes

This is list of all Promo Codes in Beekeeper Simulator (Redeem code by saying !code <Code>):

  • "NEWYEAR" - 3 Gem Jellies, 50 Treats - This Code was showing on screen every acc. 30 minutes (Expired)
  • "HONEY+" - 50000 Honey - In Honey Shop Cave
  • "BEANS" - 1 Can of Beans - This Code was hidden behind the Old Promo Code Sign. (Expired)
  • "IIOOO" - 11000 Honey - Owner released this code in order to celebrate 11000 Blocks.