Blockate Wiki

Attention: This is meant to be my opinion, so don't go to be toxic at comments, please, I am also gonna put the view of a regular players as example some times, and before you comment, I recommend you to read the blog first, thanks.

Blockate is an sub-community of ROBLOX, that in my opinion it gives the creativity to create your worlds, on an positive way, it is easier to make a world in Blockate since getting blux is normally easier than getting real robux, and the building system is easier than ROBLOX Studio, so probably I rather build my world in Blockate since it is less hard. But since creating worlds are too easy, toxic people make their own worlds. This is a list about some of them.

Basically, have you seen any toxic or corrupt staff? No? Then an example here: Imagine on a country game you lost because of bug your coins and progress, then you go tell the staff to help you or something, and then they just explain they are not responsible about that and tell you to go away, that is a toxic behavior since the staff/admins are supposed to help you or in some other cases attend bugs/errors, so you start telling them they are bad and wrong, and you get banned. Now you got an example, let's go deep enough of the point.


The most of the causes of toxic staff is that they are lazy, but then, there needs to be at least 1 admin in-charge, other times you report the lazy/toxic staff to the owner of the game and they don't just attend you, now, I am gonna tell you an small story that happened to me.

There was a game called "Adi's Thumbnail Store", I joined there because I wanted to sell free decals since I have VIP, but then I went where owner was and I told him if I could, then he told me no, and I told him I could build my own plot and I just needed the size, but then he banned me in-front of everybody. This kind of bad staff could be also known as "scammers", since in the name said "Sell or buy thumbnails!", oh, I forgot to say the whole name, sorry.

An normal player actually would feel free to sell or buy, but the second he realizes something is wrong, it would get mad, in some other cases (like me actually) could in Hub talk to others their negative opinion.

I think I am gonna classify some of them, take in mind, PLEASE, take in mind they are at my point of view.

  • Lazy Staff: Staff who probably only focuses in building the map and getting visits (or something else), but at some points they are lazy to attend errors, bugs, or suggestions.
  • Scammers: They use the name of the game to get more visits and get to front page, they actually don't care about their public, they don't care if they are sad, furious or even happy sometimes.
  • Corrupt Staff: Similar to scammers, but they are a little different, example: You join an free admin game and the owner just gives admin to random people but he doesn't give admin to you. The definition could be "Give random people something powerful or anything else but to other kind of people not".


The toxic staff aren't meant to be bad sometimes like the Lazy Staff, but it actually affects the experience on a game, it just makes you think "Wow, so they don't care about their people?", the scammers and corrupt staff just try to get visits & blux, since when much visits you get more blux.

Tips to don't be an toxic staff

  • Do no be lazy
  • If there is an suggestion attend it (if you have time)
  • Do not be mean
  • Don't be over powered or abuse perms
  • If somebody tells you a bug or error in the building, attend it.
  • Follow the game rules, the Blockate rules, and ROBLOX rules.
  • (basically, be yourself but also follow the other tips too at the same)


Goodbye, and try to not be a target of them.