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Hi, I'm endeco, I like making worlds that looks like featured worlds but THEY'RE NOT FEATURED!

My friends

36Oranges (Account deleted and moved to rivus2mikey)

Rivus2Mikey (Best Friend ever)

pegpegs72 (tommyinnit in roblox)

esso112 (I give him free chicken nuggets because look at his avatar)

HattersTY (quitted from ROBLOX OмO)

SejusTrisch (account deleted and moved to SejusMouseOfficial)

SejusMouseOfficial (lost password and moved to 36Oranges)

Old accounts from ROBLOX

endeco (Accidentally turned 2 step verification when I have my old gmail account that was banned for revealing birthday date)

endeco2 (Account deleted, I got many likes in obby creator)

endeco3 (Account deleted)

36orangesfan01 (Account deleted)


Q: why you grief but never get banned from blockate?

A: I'm sneaky impostor like in among us, Don't tell blockate i'm such of sussy baka.

Q: Say stun amogus backwards

A: I always know this joke, you can't prank me.

Worlds i own (endeco to endecofour & 36orangefan01)

a random thingy

5 Nights at Treasure Island's Roleplay - Blockate Edition (Heavy W.I.P.)


Nameless private world

The reasons why I dislike tubby / The toxic under-rated ROBLOX youtuber that nobody knows (W.I.P)

36orangesfan01's World #1

One night at Salmon's

Abandoned Discovery Island (DEMO) (Need Players)

EndecoFour's Education and ABANDONED Schoolhouse!

Five Nights at Wario's (HEAVY W.I.P.)

the walten files but recreated in blockate (need help pls)

Slendy-Teletubbies 2 but recreated in blockate (Hiring Helpers)

Ultra Custom Night