Blockate Wiki

New to Blockate? Don't worry! This guide aims to make Blockate's content digestible to the newest builders. Give these articles a read-through and practice. Soon enough, you'll be familiar with the world of Blockate!

The Basics

Help/Getting Started: Learn the basics of building here!

Help/Introduction to Commands: Learn the basics of commands here!

Control over Commands

Help/Introduction to Effects: A guide to using effects for beginners.

Help/Understanding Stats: Learn how to use stats correctly.

Building Better

Help/Saving Time: Learn how to be more time-efficient while building.

Data & Miscellaneous Info

Commands: A list of the many commands in Blockate!

Active Worlds - Building Tips - Create World Tutorial - Creating Backups - Earning Blux - Editing the Wiki - Fixing Greif - Getting Started - Introduction to Commands - Introduction to Effects - Making Good and Unique Worlds - Preventing Griefers - The Blockate Guide - Understanding Stats