Blockate Wiki

Thinking of an idea

Most ideas start with something inspiring lets take a new meme inspired by a roblox account. Yes I made a meme based of a roblox account called smelly (This is not my world its my friend Roboyc12's world). Me and my friend were messing around with account decal and I sad !decal smelly and an abombination popped up I then used it for stuff in games but my friend said he needs an official game. Of course your idea might be a fighting game of some sort something else like that making account memes is how I do it but you probally are thinking of something else and thats good always keep it original!


Do this on a piece of paper (or in your head) and write a story (Or paln the map and characters blah blah blah) if you feel like its not original and you don't wanna do it then take another paper and scrap it! Like my game i just planned it in my head.


Don't be lazy and make low detail stuff and don't make the space too small quadurants are always high detail (Also wedges etc) this proccess could take months or even years but remember to not get too lazy with stuff or nothing good can come form the game. Also don't use blocky characters they sometimes look weird and they are outdated.

Gaining popularity

Making a thumbnail is a good way to get popularity for your game either having a friend do it or doing it yourself thumbnails can get the game attracted and who knows it could even get featured. Another way to gain popularity is by adding updates to the game everyone loves updates! (another way is to do a admin giveaway but tahts bad idea). And tahst all folks!


In order to make it original i would recommend that you make sure the game is'nt to the same to a game!

You can do a trend but in a different way by adding a few differences!

It does not have to be too original but make it as original as you want!

If you are a pc player you can amke a thumbnail in google paint or use snipping tool and use the paint app this s best for pc users who jsut have basic apps.

For mobile people make thumbnails on websites.