Blockate Wiki

There are different types of genres of worlds on Blockate. They are very different from genres of normal Roblox games. We are going to list these bizarre genres.


Freebuilds are highly unoriginal worlds. Some freebuilds are very popular, while some freebuilds only get to the front page once and nothing else. In freebuilds, you usually build on a plot and admins give out builder to visitors and sometimes visitors would need to answer a series of questions like "Will you grief?". A lot of worlds include queues to get permissions. Many people like to grief on these free build games as they are very vulnerable to griefs. Back then, Blockate had no logs and backups it was almost impossible to make a free-build safe from grief.

Difficulty Chart Obbies

There are tons of difficulty chart obby worlds, and some that are related to the Roblox game "The Impossible Obby" where the colors go from red to orange to yellow to green to blue to violet to pink to white to black. Other difficulty chart obbies have the "Juke's Towers of Hell" difficulty chart, that goes:

  • Easy (Green) ▮▮▮
  • Medium (Yellow) ▮▮▮
  • Hard (Orange) ▮▮▮
  • Difficult (Bright red) ▮▮▮
  • Challenging (Dark red) ▮▮▮
  • Intense (Black) ▮▮▮
  • Remorseless (Hot Pink) ▮▮▮
  • Insane (Really Blue) ▮▮▮
  • Extreme (Bright Blue) ▮▮▮
  • Terrifying (Teal) ▮▮▮
  • Catastrophic (White) |▮▮▮|

Some difficulty charts just use their own difficulty chart. The color of the obstacle represents the difficulty of the level the player is on.

Free Blux Worlds

Free blux worlds weren't very common on front page back in the old days of Blockate, but now they are because more people know about them. Free blux games are hosted by people with the VIP gamepass. Most free blux worlds include obbies you have to complete in order to be given blux and the harder the obby the more blux you can obtain. There is a stat that shows how many blux people can get, and the owner (or an admin with VIP) will give you your blux when people request it. Most of the owners that make these games have more then 1 million blux.

Build a ____

These games are similar to free build games, except they have a twist. You have to build a certain thing instead of building anything you want.

SCP Roleplays

SCP roleplays are related to the "SCP Foundation" which is a fictional organization documented by the web-based collaborative-fiction project of the same name.

In these worlds, you have to roleplay as either one of the SCPs which are either individuals, entities, locations, or objects that violate natural law, one of the Class-Ds which are inmates kept within the Foundation sites as lab rats, one of the guards, etc.

Don't Touch Worlds

See "Don't Touch" Worlds

"Don't Touch" worlds, are worlds where you touch a certain object, and you get teleported to a platform where the object or something else might respond. On the platforms you will see little buttons near the object, which can lead to different endings.

Find Worlds

See Find Worlds

Find worlds are a genre of Blockate worlds which are basically just collectathons. You start in the first area, then you collect items to go to the next area. Often times the amount of items you have to collect per area changes.

____ for Blux

____ for Blux worlds are worlds which require you to do something (most likely an obstacle course) to obtain Blux.


SMP worlds are a roleplay world but, role-players get builder or admin to roleplay. Because of this, it leaves the world vulnerable to griefers but adds more world building to the roleplay.

___'s Towers of ___

____'s Towers of ___ worlds are Blockate fangames of the game "Juke's Towers of Hell'. They're usually made due to the fact that they are not skilled at using Roblox Studio and are all mostly "purist" (using no client sided objects). This has lead to many of these types of worlds being uncreative and having bad gameplay due to them usually not knowing what's good and what's bad. They also have lots of instant kill blocks due to the fact the process of making a kill brick that damages is very tedious compared to just saying !kill. This has lead to many of these types of worlds not being popular due to most of the harder towers having instant kill spam, and the easier towers being bad and boring. However, some people have made decent worlds of this type and adding unique gimmicks or mechanics to make the gameplay more enjoyable.

Tower Defense

Tower Defense worlds are games that have multiple maps, enemies, and towers. Players usually play as the towers and builders are usually the enemies. Tower Defense games are based of the game Tower Battles and more tower defense games on roblox.

Friday Night Funkin' Worlds

Those worlds are made by some "fans" or actual fans of the actual game. They're basically a type of games hosted by an admin or the owner. Pretty much you can't play those without a host. They're not really based off of mods. Those worlds were around since the few months of the game's popularity, making it become yet another unoriginal world type.

RNG Fling Worlds

RNG Fling Worlds are worlds where you fling, and go a certain distance. Typically you go as far as possible inside of a difficulty chart. Your distance is mostly based on RNG, however it is controllable.