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Blocks are what Blockate is completely made of. They can be placed in multiple sizes and shapes. You can places blocks by pressing Q or B when you have the correct permission level.

List of Blocks

(According to the Building Properties on March 11th, 2022.

Block Name Image Description
Block Block.png Blocks, also known as "Cubes" are the 1st block in Building Properties. This block is 4 by 4 studs in length and height.

This building structure has been around before the first public release. This block is very commonly used due to its simplicity, and form that allows it to fit in with many other kinds of blocks.

The form of this is simple, an object with 12 parallel lines and 8 corners, or 6 squares all forming a 3D cube.

Wedge Wedge.png Wedges are the 2nd block in Building Properties.

This block has also been around longer than the initial release. This block is commonly used due to its simplicity and useful shape.

The form of this shape is the cube cut in half along diagonal corners, or cut in half diagonally.

Corner Wedge Corner Wedge.png Corner Wedges are the 3rd block in Building Properties.

This block is pretty uncommonly used due to its uniqueness and difficulty to add anywhere. You can find it on corners of roofs, as an example.

This block's form has 4 scalene triangles, which of two meet up diagonally to the northernmost corner. The other 2 meet up to the northernmost corner vertically.

Edge Wedge Edge Wedge.png Edge Wedges are the 4th block in Building Properties.

This block is not likely used because of its oddly specific angling and shape. This block can be found sometimes on diagonal builds, or corners of roofs.

This block has the same form as the Corner Wedge, besides the fact that the two diagonal triangles are formed together as 1 isosceles triangle.

Inner Edge Wedge Inner Edge Wedge.png The Inner Edge Wedge block is the 5th block in the Building Properties.

It is the inverted version of the Edge Wedge used for smoothening the inner corners between Wedges. For outer corners the Corner Wedge is used. It is best to use this block for extra detail or smoothness of your builds.

Truss Truss.png Trusses are the 6th block in Building Properties.

Trusses are basically ladders. You can climb on them.

Upon choosing the "Small" option in Sizes, the truss loses some of its framing.

Cylinder Cylinder.png Cylinders are the 7th block in Building Properties.

This block is circular, but not spherical. Leave the job for the sphere to be spherical.

Cylinders are often used in characters, but Cylinder Caps are becoming more common.

Cylinders can also fit snugly in Inverted Cylinders.

Inverted Cylinder Inverted Cylinder.png Inverted Cylinders are the 8th block in Building Properties.

Said block are basically what the name says, they're Inverted Cylinders. In other words, they would be Cylinder trimmings, if a cube was cut into a Cylinder.

Quadrant Quadrant.png Quadrants are the 9th block in Building Properties.

It is a very smooth block and can be used for all sorts of things! They are often used for corners of flat platforms so they don't have to use the Wedges.

Corner Quadrant Corner Quadrant.png Corner Quadrants are the 10th block in Building Properties.

These blocks are used for connecting the Quadrants in outer corners. They are not used often and don't look very good in a lot of builds. Some builders can make it work somehow though.

Edge Quadrant Edge Quadrant.png Edge Quadrants are the 11th block in Building Properties.

They are just like Corner Quadrants but Edge Quadrants have three cuts while the Corner Quadrants have one.

Inner Quadrant Inner Quadrant.png Inner Quadrants are the 12th block in Building Properties.

Inner Quadrants are inverted quadrants and they are very useful in builds. Inner Quadrants can be used as corners in blocky structures like windows, walls and more. They have an appearance of a quarter-pipe.

Corner Inner Quadrant Placeholder.png ???
Edge Inner Quadrant Placeholder.png ???
Sphere Placeholder.png ???
Pyramid Placeholder.png ???
Cylinder Cap Placeholder.png ???
Edge Sphere Placeholder.png ???
Inner Edge Sphere Placeholder.png ???
Seat Placeholder.png ???
Spawn Placeholder.png ???
Ball Placeholder.png ???
Cube Cube.png ???
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