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Do not add anyone to harass them, and only add yourself if you own a world with at least 1,000 visits, or if you started a trend.

Popular World Owners

  • mlgwascool - Started the "Don't Touch" trend.
  • BartIsntSmart - Owns many worlds that have been on the front page multiple times.
  • jackdev1 - Created the last Christmas event world to be reviewed and in the last Christmas Event hub.
  • Stubbzyyy - Hosted the Blockate event live stream and is one of the most popular Blockate content creators.
  • urderpydude - Had a world called Beekeepers which got popular for a while. (rip)
  • briannguyen06 - Created a world named "searching for phil" that got popular.
  • AronAzure - Invented the profiles system which helped alot of worlds. (this is myself, and I hadn't seen anyone else have this in their worlds before I came up with it, if it was created by someone else, please let me know, I think I invented this around 2019-2020)

Long-time Players (2017-2018)

  • mlgwascool - Started playing on late 2018, around October.
  • urderpydude - Played on account Keyname_Party, which was later compromised. (Middle of 2017)
  • minimonsta2 - Started playing November 2018, also helps manage the wiki.
  • cambar08 - Started playing on late 2017.
  • 1_x1x1x1xx1x1 - Started playing on 2018.
  • Sans9k - Started playing around Summer 2018.
  • redpanda1pro - Started playing around January 2018.
  • Subsical - Started playing around late 2018.
  • LavaBlanket - Started playing around May 2018.
  • Lucas10302008 - Started playing around late 2018 (I think) and made popular worlds like Obama boss fight and Terraria RPG
PlanarTheorem - Subsical - fewkz - SIXFLAGSUS
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