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Tp is a command that is similar to tele, but it's not on a block. It is used to transfer the player to the destination that where it's mouse/finger points to. However there are 2 other types of this command that use the same name.

Command Types


The most basic one in the set. Basically a normal tele but instead of a block, you need to point your mouse to apply a tp.

Syntax: !tp

Example: !tp

!tp (type 2)

Basically !tp (type 1) but the destination is a specified player. You can also do !tp random and it will teleport you to a random player. Syntax: !tp <player>

Example: !tp l

!tp (type 3)

Very similar to !tp (type 2) except, you can teleport other players to a specified player. You can also teleport yourself to a specified player. Or teleport a random player. Syntax: !tp <player> <player>

Example: !tp b me


Saves a destination incase if you want to teleport there again instead of teleporting all the way back. You have to hover over your destination first to save your position and then say the syntax. If you want to teleport back there again then say the syntax again, and it'll teleport you to that destination. Syntax: !sp

Example: !sp

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