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The !sign command is a command that adds text to a block, you have to hover over the block to view the text. Whenever you put a sign on a block, it will show a lowercase I with a circle surrounding it.

Command Types


!sign is the most basic sign command. It uses the syntax !sign (text). To use it, hover over a block then type out the command but replace (text) with anything you want it to be. To remove a sign, it's syntax is just !sign


!showsign is a command that copies the text on the sign and put's it in the block if you want to copy the text. It's syntax is just !showsign


  • You can give a sign to an ocean by using the sign command on it. An ocean sign adds a sign in the ocean. Like a block, to remove a sign, it's syntax is just !sign.
  • Sign was one of the first commands to be added to Blockate.
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