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Fly is a command that is used to make a player fly with a cloud under them. The command is for builders and above. You have to double jump to fly and unfly if you are a builder or above. Space is used to go up, left shift is used to go down.


Flying was added in February 4, 2021. Only !fly and !unfly were added on the update. The fly command came out as a live event in the user Blockate's game. It was also announced on Blockate's twitter.[1]

Command Types


Fly is the most basic command in the fly command set. It uses the syntax !fly [player]. If only typing !fly it will make the player who used it fly.


Unfly is basically the oppisite of fly. It uses the syntax !unfly [player]. Like !fly, if only typing !unfly it will make the player who used it stop flying.


Flytogglable toggles when you can start flying via double jumping. It uses the syntax !flytogglable on/off. !flytogglable on would toggle when you can start flying. !flytogglabble off would toggle when you can start double jumping.


A block with the flyer command.

Flyer is a command that created a block that made any player that walked over it fly. It's syntax is just !flyer.


  • Flying was added on February 4, 2021.
  • Stacking a flyer with a kill block results in an "unflyer", which unflys the player.
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