Blockate Wiki

This page lists all the social media sites that blockate has, such as twitter, the roblox group and even its own website!

This is the logo of the Blockate Group on Roblox.

Roblox Group

Blockate has its own roblox group that can be found here. The group has 71K+ members. The owner of the roblox group is called Blockate, which is an account operated by Fewkz. There are 2 admins, one being Subs and 5 staff members. It has 1 ally. The group "Store" tab contains 4 shirts, a Red Blockate shirt, a Blue Blockate shirt, and a Violet Blockate Shirt, plus a Donation T-Shirt!


Fewkz has his own twitter account named @blockate. He posts updates about blockate on there.


The blockate community has a discord server found here.


The blockate website allows you see the current active worlds & featured worlds and join them, see the full list of commands, see some Blockate statistics (total blocks, worlds, etc), and lets you search for worlds. It also lets you join a specific world directly from a link using the format[WORLD ID]. It can also be used as a shortcut to easily join the game or get to the wiki.