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[Testing] Content added to test version of Blockate
= Notes/extra information
% Content tweaked/fixed
+ Added content
- Removed content


June 25th, 2022: Bubble Chat Fix

% Bubble chat has been re-enabled in worlds that had it disabled.

March 23rd, 2022: Easily Discover by Creator

% You can now click on a world creator's username in the main menu to instantly see their worlds.

March 14th, 2022: Effect Overhaul


% Added a new "sequence syntax" that is specified after the commands !effect size, !effect transparency, and !effect color. Details are in the Twitter post linked above.

March 10th, 2022: New Shapes

+ Added Inverted Pyramid shape

+ Added Inverted Cylinder Cap shape

+ Added Cone & Inverted Cone shapes

+ Added Prism & Inverted Prism shapes

January 1st, 2022: Display Names

% Display names now display next to people's names in the world menu.

End of 2021

November 25th, 2021: Thanksgiving Event 2021

+ Added Turkey Hat 2021, which looks identical to Turkey Hat 2020 and Turkey Hat 2019.

+ Added a temporary button in the main menu that sends you to the Thanksgiving Event world: "Thanksgiving Table" by Blockate.

November 21st, 2021: Help UI Improvement

% Improved the Help menu UI.

November 20th, 2021: The Awesome Command

+ !howmanyworldshaveijoinedbeforeinblockate

November 13th, 2021: Increased World History Limit

% Searching for !recent has been buffed, and can now show you up to 300 recently visited worlds.

November 10th, 2021: New Player Limit

% The maximum player limit for newly created Blockate worlds is now 80.

November 8th, 2021: The Hitbox Update

+ Added a new hitbox for improved consistency when touching blox. The hitbox is a rectangle that goes up from your legs to your head, meaning that your arms won't be able to trigger blocks with this hitbox system on. It can be enabled/disabled in the world settings tab.

+ !maxhealth [power], sets the default max health.

+ !powerup maxhealth (amount) [time], makes the block you're hovering over change players' max health.

+ !damager (damage to deal) (cooldown) [id], makes the block you're hovering over deal damage to players.

+ !healer (health to give) (cooldown) [id], makes the block you're hovering over heal players.

+ !poisoner (damage per second) [stickiness in seconds], makes the block you're hovering over gradually deal damage to players that touch it over time.

+ !regenerator (health per second) [stickiness in seconds], makes the block you're hovering over gradually heal players that touch it over time.

+ !spotsign (text), creates a sign that shows the text when you touch it instead of showing the text when hovered over.

August 18th, 2021: Double Jump Flight Threshold

% Lowered the time allowed in between double jumps from 0.5 seconds to 0.3 seconds.

August 1st, 2021: New Hub

% Changed the hub to an overgrown subway built by Soujenc, SevereWeatherWatch, CrowCalled and Hater_Deer.

July 28th, 2021: Small Update

+ Added !baller color (color), which specifies a color for the baller to use when balling someone.

% '!warp hub' now creates a warp that sends you to the Blockate hub.

% Fixed !ezruler.

June 28th, 2021: Teleporters

= All of these changes were announced on the Blockate Twitter

+ Added !mtimetele (time), which is similar to !timetele except it only teleports movables.

+ Added !motimetele (time).

+ Added !teamtele (team), which is similar to !stattele but it only teleports you if you're in a certain team.

+ Added !flyer. Unflyers can be made by putting a kill on a flyer.

+ Added a "Progression" genre. This genre is intended for worlds where you advance over time through upgrades or earning stats.

+ Added world languages. You can change your world's language in world settings and select which languages to view in the help tab.

+ Added a new exclusive hat "Pride Flag". It is only obtainable on June 28th.

% !ezmotele has been changed to use the "select destination first, place teleporters after" logic that the rest of the !eztele commands use.

% Renamed "Canadian Flag Hat" to "Canadian Flag".

% Renamed "American Flag Hat" to "American Flag".

April 3rd, 2021: Welcome back, Blockate

% Game name changed back to Blockate.

April 1st, 2021: So long, Blockate

% Game name changed to Cubeate for April Fools.

February 21st, 2021: So long, default hotbar

+ New inventory & hotbar UI that's also useful for building! It changes back to the default Roblox one on Retro theme.

February 11th, 2021: Command Additions

+ !soundblock mtrigger, which is similar to !soundblock trigger except it only gets triggered by movables.

+ !snap others, basically just !snap except it doesn't hub whoever ran the command.

+ !flytogglable, toggles double jumping enabling flight. This command may get removed in the future.

% !fly can now be used by builders to toggle flying for themselves. This may get removed in the future.

February 7th, 2021: Bug Fixes and More Bug Fixes

= Fixes are all announced on the Blockate Twitter

% Worlds with 3+ backups will not longer skip 2 backup slots at a time when using the left/right arrows

% Activating !fly on a person multiple times no longer disables them from jumping

% Opening a GUI while in first person unlocks your mouse cursor

% Giving perm to someone who has mobile will now enable/disable the mobile building gui

+ Added dark mode main menu

February 4th, 2021: New Material and Shape

= Update announced on the Blockate Twitter

+ Added forcefield material

+ Added pyramid shape

+ Added cylinder cap shape

+ Added flying

% Improved server allocation system

End of 2020

December 27th, 2020: Command Fixes and Additions

+ Added !buildreset, resets build properties, selection orientation, and grid.

% Fixed !showaxis, blue is front, lime is top and red is right.

November 19th, 2020: Fixes and Improvements

+ Added a time parameter to powerup blocks !powerup walkspeed/jumppower (amount) (time)

% Fixed !fog color

% Fixed !decal color

% Fixed !movable commands

% Fixed !whoplaced/whochanged

% Improved mobile support

November 13th, 2020: More Fixes

= Fixes announced on the Blockate Twitter

% Cannons fixed

% Roblox chat fixed

- Halloween hub removed

November 8th, 2020: Bug Fixes and Decals

= This update was announced on the Blockate Twitter.

+ Added !decal Username

+ Added !decal head:Username

+ Added !decal bust:Username

% Fixed !movable ridable.

% Fixed !movable respawn.

% Fixed statgivers, statremovers and statreseters.

% Fixed geargivers and gearremovers.

% Fixed the donation notification.

October 25th, 2020: New UIs and More

= All of these changes were announced on the official Blockate update live stream.

+ Added world genres.

+ Added Templates UI.

+ Added Backup UI.

+ Added new templates. (Chess Board, Valley, Valley Maze, Large Cave and Small Cave)

+ Added new skyboxes. (Far Ocean, Eerie, Fire Galaxy, Earth Below, and Snowy Hills)

+ Added a way to add thumbnails & to perm players in the World menu.

+ Added !filter brightness (amt)

+ Added !filter contrast (amt)

+ Added !filter saturation (amt)

+ Added !hidedecalsregion and !showdecalsregion

+ Added new search filters to the Main Menu's search bar. All the search filters are noted in the Help section of the Main Menu.

+ Added non-exclusive hats index.

+ Added Templates+ gamepass which gives you the ability to tweak some settings for Valley, Valley Maze, Small Cave, and Large Cave generation.

+ Added a world report button.

+ Added world menu themes. (Light, Dark and Retro) If applied, players will have the theme in your world.

% Changed the !id, !stat show and !show sign popup UIs to match the new Light and Dark UIs.

% Changed how Blux is earned. A percentage of the Blux that is made from the world's shop will be sent to pending earnings and you will be able to withdraw it after 15 minutes.

% Fixed lag when filling and placing blocks.

% Changed how grass and desert template generates.

% Now, shopitems can only be added through the World menu.

- Removed the ability to rename shopitems.

June 20th, 2020: World Exporting

+ You can now export your worlds to Roblox Studio.

+ Added !decal show.

% Renamed !showwiring to !showfunctionality.

% The game is now public again.

May 6th, 2020: Farewell to the Owner

% The game is now group members only.

= More info on the topic at Blockate Server Shutdown page, feel free to add relevant info.

April 25th, 2020: Shapes

+ Added Corner Outer Quadrant and Outer Edge Quadrant.

% Inverted Cylinder now faces upwards like normal Cylinders.

% All blocks now face North-East. (front-right) % Corner has been renamed to Edge Wedge. % Edge has been renamed to Inner Edge Wedge.

% Cut Cylinder has been renamed to Quadrant.

% Inverted Cut Cylinder has been renamed to Inner Quadrant.

% Flat Corner Cylinder has been renamed to Corner Inner Quadrant.

% Corner Cylinder has been renamed to Edge Inner Quadrant.

% Improved all block meshes.

% Teleportation screen will now appear instantly.

% You can now read signs through invisible blocks.

% Fixed the issue with localtriggers having a limited sound length.

% Fixed worlds from showing up with 0 blocks after a template load or backup load.

% Unballers (!baller (seconds) and !kill) can now be timed like regular ballers.

% Improved the loading screen.

April 12th, 2020: Grids & A New Tele!

+ Added !grid.

+ Added !grid off.

+ Added !grid back.

+ Added !grid center.

+ Added !grid pull (amt).

+ Added !grid push (amt).

+ Added !grid feet (amt).

+ Added !timetele (time) which teleports the player and a specified period of time once the tele is touched.

April 5th, 2020: Backups and Templates

+ Temporarily added !template list and !template load, this will eventually be replaced with a GUI.

+ Added !backup list, !backup load, !backup rename, !backup save and !backup remove.

+ Added a new +2 Backups dev product.

+ Added !stat display (stat name) (display name).

April 1st, 2020: April Fools!

% Temporarily renamed Blockate to 'Lineate'

% Changed the description of Blockate to say:

"Lineate is a game where you draw lines of square tiles of different colors & view their majestic linear flow.

Join the Blockate group for an extra free line!"

March 30th, 2020: A New Trailer

+ Added a new official trailer on Blockate's gamepage!

March 23rd, 2020: A New Command System

+ Added a new command system (command system D) for commands that involve changing world settings.

+ Added !team color (team name) (color)

% !team gear has been fixed.

% !spawn team has been fixed.

% The warp decal has been fixed.

% Commands will now show their response on both your screen & in chat.

% New GUI for the Blux and Hub buttons.

% !disablecollisions changed to !collisions

% !usernamedistance changed to !namedistance.

% !disableshift changed to !allowshift.

% !disablereset changed to !allowreset.

% !dropsallowed changed to !allowdrops.

% !droppingallowed changed to !allowdropping.

% !hats disable changed to !hats allow.

% !hats disableeffects changed to !hats alloweffects.

% !cycle changed to !time cycle.

% !fogcolor changed to !fog color.

% !sound (volume) (pitch) split into: !sound pitch (pitch) and !sound volume (volume)

March 16th, 2020: Added To the Main Game

+ Added !effect show which shows the properties of the effect on that block.

+ Added !logs to the main game.

+ Added !stat weight to the main game.

+ Added !unperm all.

+ Added !whochanged.

+ Added "Commands Editor" tag.

% The permission list now shows player's avatars.

% Fixed teams, teamers and un-perming.

% Fixed the sign GUI overlapping the cmds and permission list GUI.

% Changed the sign GUI to the one from the test game.

March 12th, 2020: Non-Testing Update

+ !oldest and !newest added.

= You can now search the oldest worlds and the newest worlds with a specific query.

= This update is released into the main game and not the testing game.

March 11th, 2020: Stop That!

+ Added an anti-exploit to prevent small block syndrome.

March 8th, 2020: More Updates

% Changed Fewkz's perm to "Blockate Creator" instead of "God".

% Made player list load faster.

[Testing] March 6th, 2020: March Overload

+ Added !logs.

= Started using localscripts in Blockate for the GUIs.

% Made it so right clicking hides signs

% Changed how signs look. (Thanks Hazem)

+ Added !whochanged.

% Made popups drag-able by dragging the area with no text.

% Changed how drag-able GUIs work.

% Made logs drag-able.

% The world menu now updates & resets position when you open it with 'V'

% Made logs admin+ & made it impossible for hackers to view the logs with exploits.

+ Added stat weight.

% Shop tab is removed when there are no shopitems now.

= All of these updates and future updates are in the test version (unless they are released into the main game or some are added straight away).

March 1st, 2020: A Small Group Tweak

% Created new "Blocklrian Elite Builder" role on the group that counts as having both perms as blocklrian & elite builder

February 26th, 2020: Sign De-Sign (silent)

% Hovering over a sign block will bring a different version of the sign. The text and its background "This sign says..." is squished up to the top to give the actual text more space.

% Speaking about signs, when you create a new world (in hub of course) the default "Welcome to your world" has changed to "Welcome to your new world! Press Q to start building!"

= RocketRuler1's automatic Simon Says game broke! Some people are confused currently.

February 24th, 2020: Beep Boop!

+ !beepboop command added.

= !beepboop is used to close the Blux and Hub buttons in the GUI. You can deactivate this command by repeating the command when previously used.

February 23rd, 2020: !flingkill

+ !flingkill added.

+ !ctrlbuild, reenables the Ctrl keybind.

% Ctrl no longer toggles Spectator, Building, and Delete mode.

% Changed !fling to now apply random rotational velocity to the person flung. Also lowered the default value from 50 to 10. (Basically, fling is more powerful now.)

February 19th, 2020: Bug Fixes

% !bulldoze has been fixed.

% Rotating/tilting fixed on mobile.

% !menu and !world now work without the need to be permed builder or higher, and accidentally broke bulldoze in the process.

February 16th, 2020: !fix !fixdebris

% !fixdebris has been fixed, as it hadn't been working for a long time.

February 13th, 2020: No Offsale Gears

% !geargiver is no longer able to give you offsale gears, like every other gear command.

February 10th, 2020: B$ to Blux

% Instead of saying B$ in the menu (top left corner), it now says Blux.

% Effects fixed.

February 9th, 2020: The Long Awaited Commands

+ !geargiver (gearid) [geargiverid] - This command will create a geargiver, which will give you the gear with the (gearid). [geargiverid] can be left out, but it works very similar to the "statid" part of a stat, you can only get 1 gear that has the same exact geargiverid, if you don't put geargiverid, it will default the geargiverid to the gearid.

+ !gearremover (geargiverid) - This command will create a gearremover, which will remove the gear you got from a geargiver with the (geargiverid). Since geargiverid defaults to the gearid, you can also simply put the gear id.

= Here's a showcase of the new !geargiver and !gearremover commands:

February 6th, 2020: A New Command and a New Keybind

+ !showsign, shows the sign in a textbox.

% The textboxes (!id, !showsign, etc) now have four Xs, one on every corner.

% 'Q' now toggles Spectator, Building, and Delete mode.

% The keybinds for changing color (Q and E), have been changed to Shift + Q and Shift + E (to allow for the new building keybind)

January 17th, 2020: Ruler Fix

% !ruler was fixed.

January 10th, 2020: Ruler

= The !ruler command is broken.

+ Added !ruler.

% When using !fill without VIP, it will tell you that you need VIP to use it.

End of 2019

December 24th, 2019: CHRISTMAS

+ Christmas Event 2019 started!

December 3rd, 2019: A New Crafting Recipe

+ Added Stacked Tophats, obtained by crafting 3 Top Hats together.

November 30th, 2019: Deathsound Broken

- Due to the !deathsound command breaking many worlds, it has been removed and now all of the worlds' deathsound has been set to the default oof.

November 29th, 2019: 'Sharen't'

- Unfortunately, the !share command was removed due to Roblox not allowing offsite links.

November 28th, 2019: Share

+ A new !share command, allowing you to instantly get a link that will redirect you to the world you're in.

November 26th, 2019: VIP Servers

+ VIP servers are enabled now, and you can join worlds using this link:

= Here's an example:

November 24th, 2019: IDs and Keybinds!

% IDs will now appear in a popup like !stat show.

% Popups are now non-editable textboxes, allowing you to select the text to copy it with ctrl + c.

% You can now copy usernames in the world menu and world name in the world menu and main menu.

% You can now use Shift + G or F to change through shapes and Shift + Z to switch to build mode, and Shift + X to switch to destroy mode.

% !deathsound and perm bug fixed!

+ You can now search worlds by their ID!

November 23rd, 2019: VIP Update

+ You can now buy VIP in-game, and it'll give you it instantly.

+ VIP now costs 150 Robux.

November 22nd, 2019: A Mysterious Crafting Recipe

+ Top Hat Rubber Duckie Noob Hat added!

+ Crates will now display the hats that you can get from them.

November 18th, 2019: Brand New Hats

+ Lightbulb Hat, Missile Hat, Minature Sun Hat and SPIKEY BALL Hat!

November 15th, 2019: The End of Halloween

- Halloween Event Hats are unobtainable now

- Removed Halloween Event button.

November 13th, 2019: (silent update)

- Removed "Show Old UI" button.

October 22nd, 2019: Halloween Event

+ 7 new hats: Cursed Treasure Chest, Motel Top Hat, Flasks Hat, Pumpkin Witch Hat, Ruby Geode, Pumpkin Jetpack and Red Eye!

+ Halloween Event Button

October 1st, 2019: Blockate's Return

+ Blockate is back!

= The entire fandom is very happy. :D

September 19th, 2019: Under Review

- Blockate went under review.

= The entire fandom is freaking out and is sad. :(

August 31st, 2019: (silent update)

+ You can now scroll through worlds instead of clicking your way to the end of it.

+ 2 commands suggested made their way through the game!

+ !decal transparency (shown as !decal [Transparency]) and !texture [ID] (now !decal tile)!

July 31st, 2019: New Building GUI

+ Revamped Building UI

+ Selective Painting added

- !paint removed.

July 13th, 2019: Warp Updates

+ Added !warplocation, along with the world Fox's Adventure of Something to showcase the new feature.

+ Updated !warp, now you can do !warp (World ID) (Warp Location Tag)


July 04th, 2019: Statreseter

+ Added !statreseter

June 25th, 2019: Temporary R15 Update

+ As an experiment, Blockate had been completely converted to R15 for a few days, which was later switched back as it negatively affected a lot of Blockate obbies.

- Removed !conga and !congaer due to them being annoying.

June 24th, 2019: Soundblock LocalTrigger

+ Added !soundblock localtrigger

June 21st, 2019: Faster Fill

+ Made fill faster. Twice.

June 13th, 2019: Joining Full Worlds

+ Made it so owners of a world can join the world even if it's full, along with Blockate staff.

June 11th, 2019: Stat Clear

+ Added !stat clear, which removes every stat from your world in case there were stats that couldn't be typed.

June 1st, 2019: Effects, PlayerLimit and Marbles update

+ Added !effect offset

+ Added !plrlimit

+ Marbles (!ball) no longer collide with other players or marbles when !disablecollisions is enabled.

May 29th, 2019: Conga

+ Added !conga and !congaer.

March 22nd, 2019: New Lighting

+ Made all new Blockate worlds use the new Roblox dynamic voxel lighting system.

January 30th, 2019: Decals

+ Added !decal and all the other decal-related commands.

January 06th, 2019: Dab

+ Added !dab.

End of 2018

December 29th, 2018: New Player Commands and Blockate Broken

+ Made it so keywords such as "random", "all", "others" can be used in most player-requiring commands.

- Broke Blockate. (was fixed shortly after)

December 24th, 2018: Marble Rider Badge

+ Added "Marble Rider" badge

December 23rd, 2018: !blocks

+ Made it so putting "!blocks" infront of your search query when searching will sort the worlds by their block count instead of visits.

December 15th, 2018: New Blockate Group

+ Made the official Blockate group public for anyone to join.

+ Made it so people who join the Blockate group get a free Blockate world.

December 12th, 2018: Bulldoze

+ Added !bulldoze

November 19th, 2018: Crates, New Commands and Thumbnails

+ Added the crates, now you can get hats via crates.

+ Added multiple new commands, !snap, !usernamedistance and !healthdistance.

+ Added usage for every command inside !cmds.

+ Multiple new thumbnails for default blockate worlds.

October 06th, 2018: Movable Effects Galore

+Added effects and movables got updated.

August 25th, 2018: Teamers

+ !teamer has been added to the game.

- !spawn changer removed.

June 15th, 2018: Stat Remover

+ !statremover has been added to the game.

0June 9th, 2018: Skyboxes

+ Skyboxes have been added to the game.

June 1st, 2018: Movable Commands

+ !mtele, !movable respawn and !movable auto respawn has been added to the game.

May 7th, 2018: Disabling Hats

+ !hats disable added into the game.

Invalid Month 3rd, 2018: Paint

+Added !paint.

January 25th, 2018: Trailer and Mobile Support

+ Official trailer created!

+ Mobile Support has been improved.

January 17th, 2018: Shop Tab

+ You can now open the shop tab.

January 16th, 2018: Buying Blux

+ Blux now purchasable with Robux.

January 13th, 2018: Shop

+ Added !item create, !item buy and !item remove.

= Shopitems.

+ !item remove probably added later to the game.

January 11th, 2018: Release and Earnings System

+ Official release of Blockate!

+ Earnings system has been later added to the game.

Blockate's Release