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Blockate's Backdoor Incident 2022: !resetworld.

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On May 6th, 2022, Blockate was backdoored, allowing hackers to edit the game without authorization.

The beginning (~2AM)

The first screenshot was posted by a user on the discord, showing a game loading screen with "HACKED BY ANONYMOUS" as the name, and Anonymous as the creator. Attempting to join the world would result in you being teleported to a roblox game called Mosque (7794626035). As pointed out by LavaBlanket, the world had the exact same ID as Mosque. The world was deleted around 4:50pm.

2nd Backdoor (4:55PM)

I completely forgot this one, please fill this one out if you have info. Otherwise, World details are listed.

Blockate was backdoored twice now, and this time it was made by AlfieIsTheCoolest77. The world was VERY sketchy, because it's Unique Visits was 2, while displaying 50 players in-game.

Fun hangout :O

Created by AlfieIsTheCoolest77 Blocks: 236 | Unique Visits: 2 | Players: 50/99999

3rd Backdoor (5:41pm)

The exploiters then again somehow made their game to the front page despite it not actually having any sort of visits nor players it was maybe due to the exploiters somehow editing the player counter value the map itself didnt had anything in it the only building in it was a temple the sign at the top said "Harkinians Temple" the game shortly got deleted after the owner of blockate joined and deleted it permanently banning the people who created it

4th Backdoor (6:10pm)

Screenshot 1110.png

Blockate was backdoored ONCE again, this time with the hackers actually using the Blockate official account. Subs actually joined the hacked world, but never deleted it yet. World's name is "SYNAPSE X CRACK FOR 5090000000000 ROBUX." So far it has lasted 20 minutes. The hackers are also fighting over perms. The hackers are teleporting players to different worlds as well. People are also believing it is the real blockate, but was actually hacked.


It is likely that the hackers are gone for now, but may return in the future. As shown above, the Blockate account was hacked, and likely Subs' account too.


1: There is no real explanation on how the game even got backdoored in the first place however in the 4th and final game the exploiters said something about how blockate had unprotected remotes and they should really add security it this however is most likely fake as the owner who was in the game stated that the remotes had protection

2: Harkinian a famous member of the exploiting community could been involved in this as there were memorials of him in the 3rd game and the 4th game however nothing has been confirmed as of yet

Screenshot 1109.png